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Support handle controller and manual focusing. Support temperature sensor. USB HID device and drive-free. Stable and durable. Compared to its old version, the main change of 5V EAF is to remove the 12V power supply port. Now you can directly connect it to your camera, laptop or ASIAIR PRO via the USB 2.0 port & cable for both data transmission. The 3rd generation ASIair pro was created to fix the wifi range issues. To begin, let's look at the ASIair Pro and ASIair Plus out of the box: ASIAIR PRO (INCLUDED CORDS NOT PICTURED) ASIAIR PLUS WITH ALL INCLUDED ACCESSORIES. Right out of the box, the 2nd gen ASIair Pro looked very similar to the 3rd gen ASIair plus. Recent sales of the Pro on AM have been in the $240-$260 area, with lower price points normally asking the buyer to cover fees and shipping. I'm asking $250, which will cover CONUS orders and provide UPS Ground shipping, insurance, and also covers the Paypal fees. For Alaskan and Hawaian buyers, if the UPS price exceeds standard CONUS Ground .... I have the ASIAIR and the EQ6-R Pro, and I don't have any issues what so ever. Straight out of the box. I have an USB cable between the EQ6 (the printer type connector) straight from the EQ6R into the ASIAIR in one of the USB ports. using "EQMOD" as the mount selection in the ASIAIR app. And make sure the baudrate is 115.200.
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